Real Estate Law

Title Work, Real Estate Closings, Tax Titles, Property disputes, Boundary disputes & subdivision planning and development.

Personal Law

Wrongful death, survival actions, products liability, automobile accidents, work-related injuries and other tortious conduct.

Commercial Law

Drafting of contracts, forming of corporations, LLC’s, contractual litigation, business torts, foreclosures, collections and enforcement of judgments.

Family Law

Successions, Will and Estate Planning, Divorce, Custody, Child Support, Adoptions, Prenuptial Agreements and other domestic related matters.

Louisiana District Courts
Louisiana Appellate Courts
Louisiana Supreme Court
Federal Court (Middle and Eastern District)
All of our attorneys have extensive courtroom experience. Collectively we have handled hundreds, if not thousands, of cases before judges and juries. We pride ourselves on our litigation skills and apply these skills to a variety of areas to serve our clients. We use these skills in personal injury cases, contract disputes, real estate related actions and in all areas of domestic and family related issues. Furthermore, our attorneys can, in appropriate situations, use computer technology in the courtroom to better and more persuasively present your case to the judge or jury.
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